Making Friends

Perhaps you’ll make friends

That is what a friend said to me during a conversation about a new class I was taking – not an interwebs graduate class – but an in-the-flesh get up and move around kind.  I am excited about this class, the instruction, the structure and the music are all more my style than the last class I took. Continue reading

The Fear I Hold Inside

I watched a movie last night, that sort of brought up a whole slew of stuff I had buried… A whole lot of behaviors that I left behind when I quit drinking and doing drugs.

I could have done without the explicit sex (lets face it, I am kinda a prude) – but the dialogue was well written – and that sucked me in. Continue reading

The Mom I Would Want to be…

I grew up in a dysfunctional mess of a home.  But honestly, who didn’t?

I grew up promising myself that IF I were to ever become a parent – I would try my damnedest to do a better job.  This is a vow, that I hope I can stick to – even though I have no intention of having children of my own physically.
Continue reading