Vacationing…on my terms

As my master’s degree program drew to a close, I began to think about life beyond school.  How I wanted to spend my summer, what I wanted to do with my “free” time.
I knew without a doubt that I had no desire to vacation with my family.  And I also knew that renting a cottage or cabin at a campground or other such place was beyond my means.  Especially with The Howler going everywhere with me.  Continue reading

Skew You

I would like to thank my family for the never-ending blog fodder that they unwittingly provide.

Every time I have an exchange or a conversation with more than one of them, either in person or via Skype or text message; someone always says something utterly ridiculous.  Something that I cannot believe anyone in their right mind would say. Continue reading

Seriously??? Do we really need to have this conversation???

I found out last week that the tattoo artist that I have been going to for 6 years had to “retire” due to health issues.  I love her.  She’s a painter and an incredible artist.  She doesn’t just tattoo you, she PAINTS on you.  I love her work, her personality, her art.  And I am extremely sad that her health has gotten so bad that she can no longer do what she loves.

After finding out about it, I started looking for female artists.  I posted on Facebook asking for suggestions from my peeps.  I was surprised to get a bunch of shit from a male friend about being exclusionary and discriminatory with regards to men.  I was utterly flabbergasted. Continue reading